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Children's Park of Tyler: Phase II

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A flexible Recreation project by The Children's Park of Tyler in Tyler, TX

An expansion of the Children's Park of Tyler to meet unforeseen park demand and accomodate further park programming.

$79,120  so far of   $130,000

$79,120 (60%)

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This project was successful and was funded on December 30, 2013

We Need Your Help

We’d like to invite you to join us in helping The Children’s Park of Tyler grow.

For nearly 10 years, this park has been a place of joy, hope and healing for thousands of families. But we’ve already outgrown it. To host larger groups, add indoor gathering spots and provide additional private space for prayer, meditation and reflection, we must expand this community treasure!

Now, we need your help! The City of Tyler recently issued an exciting challenge: For every dollar we raise, up to $127,500, they will donate an additional dollar. Because we’ve already raised about 80% of the funds we need, your gift can help raise the final dollars needed to make this vision a reality for our community– meaning that every dollar you donate will be doubled!

A Brief History

In 2004, The Children’s Park of Tyler, Texas was completed and donated to the City as a public park without raising a single tax dollar. The site was designated as both a quiet space where families can remember children who are no longer with us and a joyful place for children and families to play, explore and be together. The development of the park was a direct response to a loss in a family in Tyler and began as a way to work through the grieving process and to honor lost loved ones. The community embraced the park and it quickly became a site of more than just remembrance; it became a place of celebration where weddings were held, picnics were had and family photos were taken.

Phase Two

The Children’s Park offers far more opportunity than we ever anticipated and an expansion of the park is needed to accomodate for these unforeseen needs. Currently, a home near the park grounds is rented by our foundation for offices and to host special events and a small area of City owned property sits unused between the home and existing park. We propose purchasing and renovating the home and developing the unused land to expand the reach and use of the park. Our plan calls for adding a prayer and meditation garden, additional play space and green space, renovation of indoor and outdoor space at existing building to host larger events and an area for outdoor community events.

Meditation Garden : The secluded garden will offer a quieter space for those in need of healing, apart from the busier sections of the park.

Renovated Home : Provide a permanent welcome center for visitors and a permanent home for The Children’s Park of Tyler, which supports the park and families dealing with the loss of a child.

A True Public/Private Partnership

The City of Tyler has fully supported the Children’s Park from day one and it’s just as committed to the park for Phase II. The City owns approximately a 3/4 acre swath of land across the creek from the existing park and is gifting the land for expansion. In addition to the donated property, The City of Tyler has graciously provided a matching grant to help complete the expansion. With 80% of the funds raised to date we have $130,000 left to raise. And with the City’s generous matching donation of $127,500, every dollar goes twice as far.

The City of Tyler will also take over Phase II of The Children’s Park after completion. This allows the city to provide the ongoing maintenance, administration needs, and safety measures, while the Foundation will provide other needed capital improvements. This partnership makes it possible for the Foundation to track the success of the park without additional staff.


Bronze Plaques

Memorial Sidewalk

Memorial Bench

Memorial Creek Bridge

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The Children's Park of Tyler

About The Children's Park of Tyler

This park is about honoring all children, including those no longer with us.

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