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Help Find a Permanent Home for BoysGrow

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A flexible Recreation project by BoysGrow in Kansas City, MO

For three years we farmed on borrowed land. Now, we're looking for a permanent home to create a sustainable farm for the youth of our city.

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This project was successful and was funded on September 30, 2013

Our Mission

BoysGrow was founded in 2010 and is a year-round youth empowerment program. We farm 10 acres and employ inner-city boys ages 13-15 to work on the farm and run the business. The young men assist with everything associated with getting the produce in local restaurants. They also run the business of BoysGrow from public speaking to social media, from working on the website to sales with new restaurants. It is a 2 year program and the older classmen are recquired to come up with a product that will be sold in local restaurant that has some ingredients from our Farm. It is here the young entrepreneurs learn everything it takes to get a product into the stores from coming up with the ingredients to an effective marketing plan.

No Place to Call Our Own

For the first three growing season we used donated land on a year-to-year basis. It was great soil and the farmer who owned it assisted with tilling and maintenance but it was always a temporary location and understood we could not truly call it home. We were forced to relocate in 2013 and found another temporary location. Once again a great spot but nothing that we can build on and we will have to break everything down at the end of the season.

Why We Need Your Help

Our goal is to purchase our very own farming location. We’ve tried numerous outlets for borrowed or donated land but we have a very specific search criteria in order to grow the program and to give our city youth a breath of fresh country air. Once we have our own location we can create more of a sustainable farm with greenhouses, water catchment, solar power, a wood-shop area, a functional kitchen and harvest area and electricity and running water. This will allow BoysGrow to better serve and teach our young entrepreneurs. Our youth are thirsty to learn hands-on entrepreneurial skills and the more of a business we create, the more opportunities they have. We plan on using the funding we raise for the downpayment of our own property and once the perfect location comes on the market, have the ability to move forward with creating a BoysGrow Hub where eventually generations upon generation of graduates will return and see The Farm they all helped build.


About BoysGrow

BoysGrow is a not-for-profit agency providing mentoring, entrepreneurship skills, and positive male role-models for inner-city boys.

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