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Improve your city by investing in the issues you care about and earn tax-free returns.

Investments featured on Neighbor.ly typically return 3-7% per year.

Find what matters to you

Passionate about an issue like education? Want to contribute to your local area?

Choose your investment

Decide how much you want to invest and for how long. Select a bond issued by a city to invest in.

Get paid regularly

Receive regular interest payments from the city issuing the bonds, tax-free.

A safe place for your money

These investments are backed by the city. Over 99% of city bond deals are paid back on time. Read more.

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Neighbor.ly is reinventing bond investing for the 21st century.

Cities have used bonds for the past 200 years to finance projects from the Golden Gate Bridge to your local K-12 schools. We're unlocking the potential of those investments for a new generation by making investing easier and more transparent than ever before.

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The market has been waiting for Neighbor.ly. Until now, individuals paid stiff broker fees and a high spread to access bonds. Neighbor.ly gives investors and issuers direct access to each other. Win-win.

Robert Litan, Former Head of Research, Bloomberg Government